Diane (missdiane) wrote in mfu_canteen,

It did live up to my fave Guy Ritchie film at least

My BFF and I saw the MFU movie this morning and since I went in with not much in the way of great expectations, I thought it was entertaining though I am glad we went for a matinee. The BFF's only watched an ep or two of the show with me so she didn't have much to compare as it was. Naturally her critique was about whatever title they gave Waverly in the "file" shown in the credits and said the title he has wasn't one to give up? I don't know, she's the expert on all things British title and royalty and stuff. lol

Anyhoo, as far as Guy Ritchie, he's my favorite director of the short BMW films (yes advertising the cars). All the BMW films star Clive Owen as "The Driver" and this one is funny since it's clear that Guy's wife at the time, Madonna had as much fun as Guy had screwing around with her.

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