anti gravity (the_wretching) wrote in mfu_canteen,
anti gravity

OT: Gazpacho help?


Anyone got any wonderful gazpacho recipes before I hit google?

I want to make some today or tomorrow. I think there should be fruit in it...

It doesn't even have to be recipes. In fact, I like just ideas and inspiration. I'm pretty good at getting concoctions to taste how I like, but I haven't had gazpacho in a couple of years, and never made it before. But share any ideas you might have or even things like:

"I had this pear white wine gazpacho once and it tasted like falling asleep under a waterfall..."

I assure you my concoction will be improved for any such comments. (and I just made up pear-white wine---- but that sounds lovely, I wonder if that would work...)

Double thanks in advance.
And besides it's hot here today, I can think of nothing better to muse on than gazpacho. Join me.

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