Anna Inpu (yaoi_hunter) wrote in mfu_canteen,
Anna Inpu

Hello, dear friends! The Russian part of the fandom sends compliments to you! Our Russian community is about 3 months old, that’s why we still don’t have as plenty resources about MFU in Russian language as we wish to have. We don’t have much fanfiction in Russian as well, and we read it in English. It’s magnificent that such fandom exists where it is possible to use realia of two practically separated worlds (USA and USSR) in such an interesting period as 1960s. As far as we know the creators of the show tried their best to avoid references to the real political events of that times, but this fact didn’t minimize the value of the show. Quite the contrary the relations of our favorite agents are free from all political frames but still have that edge of cultural and educational differences which make them such captivating.  It is sad that everyday life of Soviet people didn’t have much coverage in foreign press and other sources.  And this lack of information can be visible in MFU fanfiction as well. Would it be interesting for you to know more about different things concerning Soviet Union? It is very resourceful topic and if you want we could answer your questions or prepare several posts on different aspects to make it easier for you to write those parts your stories where you mention Russia, Russians, their life in the USSR, Illya’s past or his speech in Russian. Thank you for your attention.

Our Russian community is here

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