Fiorenza_a (fiorenza_a) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Bridge of Lions?

Not a cat person, but I do like animals - so other people's cats are fine.

I used to have a little foam daisy aerial topper on my car. It's a modern car, so the aerial is a whippy thing that springs from the roof.

I started noticing little paw prints on my windscreen when I got into the car. Then one morning I came out to find the explanation for the feline footfalls - some of my neighbours cats sitting on the roof playing with the aerial daisy topper as if I'd put it up there just for them.

Sadly the topper came a cropper a couple of services ago. Now the cats just sit on the roof to sun themselves.

All of this is a roundabout about way of asking if anyone had seen this explanation for another feline foible?

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