open_channel_d (open_channel_d) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Do you happen to know who stole our snow? If you remember, usually Russia is supposed to get a lot of snow in wintertime. But last few years we've had such warm winters and so little snow. And now again, no snow! A while ago we got a downpour. Downpour, Santa! In December!

I'm writing this letter to you and I can see green grass outside the window. It makes me upset so much because I want to ice-skate and ski. Even bears that walk around our streets, don't play their balalaikas any more, they want a snowy winter.

Please, this year I'd love to get some snow as a New Year gift. I'd be extremely grateful to you if you send me a bit. But I want the snow to stay unmelted at least for a month.
Santa, pleeeeeease! I promise to behave myself well.

Where is our snow, Santa?

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