St. Crispin's (st_crispins) wrote in mfu_canteen,
St. Crispin's

My [Spy] Valentine

The rose you gave me
Had a bug in it
And not the natural kind.

The candy was stunning,
A real knock-out.

The diamond brooch?
Nice. Thoughtful.
So was the homing pin.

Don’t you trust me, darling?
No more spiders,
I promise.

I press my cheek
Against your chest.
I can hear your heart

Oh damn.

Time to run, darling.
It’s been fun.
Blow me a kiss.
It will have to suffice
Until next time.
For now, we’re done.
Tags: valentine's day

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    This was a new shot to me and I couldn't help but wonder what secrets they were sharing

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    So what say you, cousins?

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    Illya obviously has a little tongue action going here. What do you think he's thinking?

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