mrua7 (mrua7) wrote in mfu_canteen,

More translation help please? This time German.

Just a snippet, there may be more down the line as I'm editing a long story I've been working on for a very very long time. Thanks to everyone who responded to my help for the French translation! You're all great!

If someone could translate these short sentences into German for me as I don't trust myself. It's going to be 'Serena' speaking them.

"How can you assume that? That's pretty rude of you. And here I was just being friendly.”


  • Hungry?

    How about one of these, followed by a few of those?

  • Hungry?

    How about a ramen bowl (your choice of protein) followed by some mini pineapple and condensed coconut milk cheesecakes?

  • Hungry?

    How about some roasted coconut milk chicken over basmati rice, followed by lemon curd pudding?

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