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OT: An appeal


I am about to share a brief story of an unexpected loss to my family and share a GoFundMe link.

The last thing I want to do is take advantage of any of your generous and compassionate hearts or the great care I have for you all, so if you are not interested in being asked for a couple bucks, I completely understand and I love you just as much. Please just ignore this post and forgive my impudence.

My cousin Brennen took his life on Wednesday night. He was 33, a quiet, intellectual, outdoorsy soul. A veteran of the US war in Afghanistan. He and I had been very close as children, and this has come as quite a blow to all who love him, especially his longtime girlfriend Angie, his brother Nate, and his mother.

In full disclosure, the Go Fund Me was set up to raise money for funeral expenses as it states, and has already exceeded its stated goal. Any excess moneys it makes will go, I believe, to Angie, who is an absolute wreck and is currently unemployed. He was the breadwinner, and he left her in the most gruesome and horrific way possible. She is an amazing woman and I doubt Brennen would have stayed in this world as long and fruitfully as he did had it not been for her.

More than Angie though, is my aunt, his poor mom. I have not seen her but the word is that she is in a very bad way. A walking mess of shock and anguish and anger and denial. I'm told the only thing that's been getting through to her is checking up on the Go Fund Me page. It's frightfully capitalistic, but I speculate that it's this little window she's allowing herself to look through where she sees names of people--often strangers, and watches the total amount slowly grow, and thereby feels both that Brennen is loved, and that Angie will be able to get on her feet again. This is less about actual dollar amounts, and more about the slow creep of the total and the long list of names of people who care about her poor lost baby boy.

She's the reason I'm sharing this, the reason I'm bringing this to you. More than Angie, who is definitely in need, my aunt is completely lost inside herself and her shock and this one little thing is what she keeps going to for hope and comfort.

If you would like to drop a fiver on this for her --hell, the amount matters little, you could donate $1.25 or 89cents... it would bring her a moment of comfort and would also help Angie to get a few bills paid while she finds a job and deals with her own great trauma.

I feel guilty doing this, so please don't do it if you have reservations. It is an imposition. But I watched my brother pimp the link around today to all of his internet communities and felt I ought to do my part of that here, just on the off chance that any one of you might feel inspired by my cousin's service, his battle with depression, or my aunt's unimaginable loss of her son.

Thank you for reading.
And if you have, instead, hugs or prayers or condolences for me and my family, I personally will value those at least as much as a little cash. Much love to you all. This is a time when I truly value the power of friendship and community, of cyber hugs and well wishes, and the day to day joy I find in knowing many of you, even in just the little conversations we have here.


The page is here There is a photo of Brennen and Angie as well as a little description written by his brother Nate.
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