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Trinity_destler once asked -

I may be the only one, but I really, really appreciated the little moment in The Minus-X Affair where Illya's Russianness comes into play with the American MPs/soldiers. One of the few times people actually note (in serious fashion) he's even foreign.

Mostly I was grateful because there are at least two episodes in series two where he's referred to as American, including once to his face. Which, you know, there's just no excuse for. Even if they're downplaying the Russian angle in the new season, as I've seen postulated, he's still so patently and completely not American.

So, I suppose my question is: Is anyone else disappointed that this wasn't commented on or used in either plot or character development more? Or at all, for that matter. It was an incredibly ripe opportunity for the writers and TPTB had already gone over the precipice by having a Russian hero during the Cold War, they might as well have said something about it. ETA: I don't really mean I expected them to deal smoothly and sympathetically with the conflict of political ideologies, mostly I just wanted the barest hints they remembered he's from elsewhere. That's why Minus-X was perfect; they actually acknowledged reality without making a big fuss or implying judgment.

Are there good fanfics dealing with this?

What say you, cousins, especially in light of the recent movie?
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