jkkitty (jkkitty) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Thank you

I would like to thanks everyone for the kind words, prayers, and thoughts   I came home yesterday (had to stay for a extra half a day because of vomiting)  I am manageing to walk to the bathroom and back with the help of a walker and one of the boys helping me get up.   Vinny says the knee looks discusing  
I will try to answer some of posting when my vision isn't so blurred from the meds  Thanks again
Tags: jkkitty

  • Hungry?

    How about a nice club sandwich, followed by a few of these?

  • Hungry?

    How about some fish and chips, followed by some yummy fruit?

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    How about some meatloaf (with mashed potatoes and green beans), followed by some of this?

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