spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote in mfu_canteen,

A sharp dressed man

From an overall view, though, I can’t help wondering what poor Mr. Vaughn did to piss off the costumer on that show. He had the strangest outfits. That ear-flap hat makes me crazy. At the same time, DMc had some choice outfits in Yukon. Why do they work so hard to make him look so wonderful at times and other occasions let him dress himself?

So my question – yes, there actually is one – if you could step backwards in times with one piece of clothing to ‘help’ either or both of the guys, what would it be? I’d take back some decently tailor slacks for RV – those high-water pants (while in fashion at the time) just don’t make his white socks all that attractive. And I confess that a nice pair of properly-fitted jeans (you know what I mean) for Illya would so make my day.

What say you, cousins?
Tags: question of the day (part 2)

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