The other Linda (reapermum) wrote in mfu_canteen,
The other Linda

Has anyone read the Girl from Uncle books?

We've been reading the Man from Uncle books and found they're not too bad. But there were GfU books published back then as well. I've never read any of those, I've never even seen a copy, so is there anyone here who has read them and can tell us what they were like? (Are there any texts available?)

I think we're agreed that the tv series didn't make good use of the characters, and fanfic writers have made a better job of it using them as developing agents or as back up. So how did the pro authors use them?

  • Hungry?

    How about some Red Pepper and Bacon Quiche?

  • Hungry?

    How about Cottage pie with crushed potato topping?

  • Hungry?

    How about some coq au vin?

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