pactnmmt (pactnmmt) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Dog arrested for being intoxicated!

Well, Smokey the bad news bear (our Bouvier des Flandres), is in deep doodoo. Two nights ago, while we were out he swiped two bananas off of the counter and ate them both skin and all, only left the stub of the skin (I'm sure he had a little help from the chihuahua mix.

This is NOT his first banana adventure (shame on me for not Smokey proofing the counters).

This evening we got home from the movies and found the box of white zinfandel that has been sitting around for almost a year (no comments on my taste in wines turned over, holes in the bladder, and spilled all over the floor. I have no idea if he or Hershey consumed any. Guess I'll have to give him a breathalyzer test.

One almost 10 year old bouvier for sale for the next 10 minutes before I surrender to his puppy dog eyes and forgive him...maybe.

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