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New "Sentinels from UNCLE" story: The Chillicothe Horror Affair

When UNCLE's April Dancer and Mark Slate apprehend a Thrush scientist in central Ohio who seems completely incoherent and dies suddenly while being questioned, UNCLE's best are called for. Joining bonded Sentinel/Guide pair Mark and April on the site, the four agents soon find that their case is connected to a much older and more terrible mystery. What is the horror that lies deep in the earth of Chillicothe, and how is it able to tear the two Sentinels away from their Guides?

The Anthropology graduate student who joins them, and a couple of local cavers know much that can help, but none of them can imagine the response that comes from all around, in answer to the Guides' plight.

Chapter Index

Prologue: ...his Unspeakable Name...
Act 1:...something must have brainwashed them.
Act 2: ...There's something not right here...
Act 3: ...a little bird told me.
Act 4: Your Guide has found you!
Epilogue: ...a good beginning.

Now also available on AO3
Tags: ik/ns slash, story

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