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A technical question for today. Using foreign words/ phrases in fic, shag, marry, or throw off a cliff. Do you have a love affair with them, either using or reading them in stories? Are they a part of everything you write as a way to represent the ‘global aspect’ of the guys? Or do you prefer them in very limited quantities, just a word here and there? Do you want them translated? And where do you want that translation? Immediately following in parenthesis, at the end of the story, or within the text? Do you even care one way or the other? Or would you prefer the ‘he said in Russian or Italian or French’ without the actual translating?

Personally, I like seeing foreign phrase/words in stories, but I hate having to nip off to the end of the thing for translations. I’d prefer that to come immediately following or within the ensuing text. I just finished reading a long ass story that had everything translated at the end and it was a real annoyance to have to go back and forth. I finally ended up opening the story twice and toggling back and forth when necessary. In this case, it did disrupt the flow considerably… and it wasn’t that strong a story to begin with.

What say you, cousins?
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