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Solo, just like the name

I’ve always assumed that Napoleon is one of a kind – an only child who molded himself as opposed to having been molded by his family history. In fact, Solo is solo, but what if he was to have a sibling, brother or sister. Or multiple brothers and sisters – what do you see them like. I always see Napoleon as a man who has always walked his own path, even at an early age. He knew what he wanted and made himself into that man. I’m guessing there were awkward times, although it’s hard to see Napoleon as socially awkward (I always have flashes of that kid from “Sixteen Candles”). But what if he was simply following in the steps of an older, more sophisticated brother? Or having a younger (or older) sister?

And exactly what would they think about Napoleon’s close association with Mr. K? Or Napoleon’s womanizing. I remember reading a story in which his sister, well aware of Napoleon’s UNCLEness, was frequently called upon to administer penicillin shots. She also took Illya for a ride that pretty much spoiled him for everyone else. I’m still chuckling over the “Sleep the sleep of the just, Illya, you’ve been screwed by a Solo.” (if she only knew…) Of course, Napoleon turns around and sleeps with Illya’s sister as payback, but Illya is unimpressed. “Was wondering how long it would take you two. She sleeps with anything.” Sadly, the stories was in “Eyes Only” or and I don’t think they’re on line (PM me if you’d like to ‘talk’, wink, wink, nudge, nudge and no, I’m trying to to do something underhanded here. My first advice would be to buy the zines, but if you want a copy of the story, I will ask Lisa for permission).

So, what say you, cousins? How would you see Napoleon’s siblings?
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