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Say what?

Okay, so, let’s talk about words… you know you love them or you wouldn’t be here. So, how do you feel when you are happily reading along and there is suddenly this big-ass ,out-of-nowhere word that makes you have to stop reading and go look it up? I’m referring to something so out of context that it leaves you wondering why the writer chose it. I’m talking about writers who sound like they’ve swallowed a friggin’ dictionary or thesaurus. I want to ask them who they are trying to impress.

Now, don’t get me wrong, some writers engage words the way a musician engages notes and renders lovely, complex images. St. C, or LeetheT, for example, but they aren’t waving these words in your face and shouting, “I’m smarter than you are because I know big words!” They write the way they talk and think. They write for a reading community. These people educate me.

And yet, there are some in various fandoms who toss in words for no reason other than to make people think they know what they are talking about. Imbroglio, emollient, lagniappe, mondegreen (although this one I really like – it means a slip of the ear…), all of these come to mind and with the exception of emollient, I did have to look them up. These folks write to try to impress a reading community. These folks annoy me.

So the question, whether you are a reader or a writer, are you a hippopotomonstrosesquipedalianist (sorry, couldn’t resist..) or someone who would rather keep it short and sweet?
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