anti gravity (the_wretching) wrote in mfu_canteen,
anti gravity

Sad NCIS News

Gary Glasberg died today.

He was a writer/producer of the NCIS world. Taking over a lot of responsibility when Donald Bellisario left several years ago, and heavily involved in the New Orleans spin-off. I can't say I pay loads of attention to all the behind the scenes people, but my brother does, and as such Glasberg is a household name in their house.

It was sad to hear of his passing, especially at such a young age. Only 50. As my brother put it, when Bellisario was 50 he was still making Baa Baa Black Sheep. Which is to say, before Magnum PI, and before Jag, and before NCIS. That's some perspective. Glasberg filled THOSE shoes and well, and Glasberg created a lot of good TV, but it's quite a shame to think how much more he could have shaped the entertainment landscape had he had the time.

More info here and lots of outpouring from cast, crew, and fans on social media.

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