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NCIS Season 14 Cast: Why Will David McCallum Be Axed?


Fans of the American action police procedural television series, NCIS, will not be seeing much of David McCallum, better known as Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard, as rumors and speculations about McCallum’s potential departure from the NCIS Season 14 cast have finally been confirmed.

Given that the show is the second longest-running non-animated primetime TV series in the U.S., there are also speculations that this might be the last season for NCIS, due to the death of Gary Glasberg, the showrunner.

McCallum’s reason for leaving

McCallum gave everyone a hint regarding the reason for his probable exit in one of his interviews. It is said that his motive for leaving NCIS Season 14 cast is because of his health. Now that McCallum’s already 83 years old, handling work for him has not been as easy as when he was still 28. The stress on set might also be too much for him.

Let’s not be too sad now, shall we? McCallum assured his fans that they will still be able to see him on the show for one more year, provided that they will still allow him to stay.

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What will happen to McCallum’s character?

David McCallum’s character, Dr. “Ducky” is the official medical examiners of NCIS Major Case Response Team, usually conducting autopsies on the victims. Aside from being the official examiner, McCallum’s character also provides psychological profile on the possible criminals that the team encounters.

Now if you worry about McCallum’s character, NCIS is said to have been working on the story of Dr. Ducky leaving the unit of NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. On a lighter note, fans can now take a sneak peak at the 4th episode of NCIS, titled Love Boat, and is scheduled to appear on our TV screens on October 11, 2016, Tuesday on CBS Television.

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