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Just wondering

The United Network Command For Law And Enforcement does not exist; it was created purely for the series. And yet, if you look at the show's end credits, there's this disclaimer: "We wish to thank the United Network Command For Law And Enforcement, without whose assistance this program would not have been possible."

The reason for this curious message? The United Nations weren't very happy that people could associate their very real organization with a fictitious one, and the producers decided a tongue-in-cheek name-check to UNCLE in the end credits would throw gullible viewers off the scent. And it was needed, too: many, many people thought that UNCLE was real, and the show received letters from viewers who wanted to join up!

Taken from 9 things you need to know about MFU

When you saw that, did you think UNCLE was real?

Did you ever try to join?
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