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An invitation

Please feel free to post your favorite shots, memories, stories, etc, of Robert Vaughn.

My favorite story.

A friend of mine's ex-husband worked on a particular TV show - I think maybe Strike Force? . She was instrument in convincing him to cast Robert Vaughn and then David McCallum in two episodes.

A huge Illya/David McCallum fan, she couldn't wait to be on the set with him. She was so disillusioned. When he wasn't shooting, DMc retreated to his trailer and posted a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on his door. OTOH, Robert Vaughn was always on the set, talking with fellow actors, techs, even flirting outrageously with any of the women who approached him. It made her jump stream and become a RV/Napoleon fan.

That was one thing Rv, he was impressed me as a man who loved his fans and appreciated them. DMc, not as much.

One of my many favorite photos

I will miss him.
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