sparky955 (sparky955) wrote in mfu_canteen,

A Day To Celebrate Robert Vaughn: SOB

Oh, just go right now to eBay or Amazon and buy a copy of this movie.

As a fan from childhood, I enjoyed following the entertainment industry (until it seemed to become "who are you and why should I care because you really can't act your way out of a wet paper sack"). I knew peripherally about this movie, but after I returned to MFU, I began collecting as much of the work of the boys as I could on DVD (and now, digitally).

SOB as a satire of the Hollywood filmmaking community during the early 1980s rings the bell on SO many levels for me. It is truly, truly a dark, dark, dark comedy, so be warned. And, Robert? Oh, such delightful scene chewing. I mean, almost every role called for its actor to do so, but he was just MARVELOUSLY egomaniacal.

And, he had great legs. Just sayin.

Tags: a day to celebrate robert, s.o.b.

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