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Looking back

My father was a huge Western fan (I doubt there's a John Wayne movie I haven't seen), so it should be no surprise that my first memorable encounter with Robert Vaughn was his role as Lee in the Magnificent Seven.  I guess it was because the area wasn't urban or well-to-do, but the local movie theatre was a drive in and most of the movies shown were a few years old instead of the most current releases, but who cared when it was a movie you hadn't seen?

He wasn't the star of the movie, but Robert Vaughn was the one that caught and held my attention.  The vest, the tie, those gloves he constantly wore and the mien of the man under that hat.  The indefinable something that Mister Vaughn also brought to the role we all loved him in best, Napoleon Solo.

While I am admittedly one of those who is termed an Illya girl, that is simply a matter of taste and does not mean that I didn't appreciate the obvious charms and suave moves that Napoleon brought to the table.  You couldn't have all the traits that made Illya special mixed with all the traits that made Napoleon wonderful - you had to have two men. Thankfully, we had two of the best.

To Robert Vaughn : Thank you for your talent - thank you for the memories.  Riposare in pace.

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