mrua7 (mrua7) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Calling all writers for the Section VII Christmas Round Robin!

You asked for it...a Christmas Round Robin.
Now's the time to sign up for
"T'was the U.N.C.L.E. Round Robin"

The prompt is a poem composed by our
fearless leader glennagirl and will
give lots of wiggle room to write.

Same parameters as last time,
minimum 100 word chapters
with no maximum.

The number of writers who sign up will determine the length
and the December start time for the challenge.

Comment on this post to sign up!

Our Halloween Round Robin was a huge success, and
we hope all the writers who joined in will be back again!

Writers on board:

ssclassof56, pfrye, avirra, katb357,  jantojones, alynwa, sidhe_uaine42, lindafishes8,
mrua7 and glennagirl.
We'd like to hit at least a dozen writers again (if not more) for this round robin
so there'll be only one chapter each.

So don't forget to sign up!

Tags: christmas, round robin, section vii

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