mrua7 (mrua7) wrote in mfu_canteen,

You're invited!

The twelve days of Christmas project.

Each day the UNCLE Christmas tree posts in section7mfu
and we'd like all the cousins to come visit and share a memory of
Christmas past as a comment, and leave it as a present under the tree.

There's nothing like our treasured memories,
they're gifts
that will be with us always!

Give someone a smile with one of your favorite personal
memories, anectotes, stories, or songs...anything from your
holidays past,
even what you're looking forward to this year!

Time to get into the spirit!

I'd also like to invite anyone who celebrates
Chanukah, or Kwanza to share their
holiday memories beneath the tree!

Click on the kitty to take you to the tree!

Tags: christmas, holidays, section vii

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