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Some sad news re: Katya Baturinsky

Not sure how many of you are already aware but wanted to pass this info along. I was familiar with her work on the MUNCLE fandom, but was not aware of the others in which she was active (including S&H, the community where I learned of her passing). As Flamingo stated, you can google the name and find links to her work. She was a gifted writer. With Flamingo's permission, I have copy/pasted her post from yesterday.

Originally posted by flamingoslim at Katya Baturinsky has passed away

One of our own has passed away. "Katya Baturinsky," was the name she was known by primarily in Man from UNCLE fandom, and she often posted here on veniceplace in the early years. She was a good friend and supporter of SH fandom, attending many SHareCons and enjoying the friendships she made there. One of my most prominent memories of her was on September 11, 2001. Katya worked in the Twin Towers and escaped before their collapse. She wrote of her harrowing escape to the VP list almost as soon as she arrived home. That's something I'll never forget. She was a warm, friendly, openhearted and generous person, happy to share a hotel room with unexpected guests, happy to spend time with fannish friends. She left us much too soon, and I will miss her. You can find some of her fiction by doing a google search on her name. I don't believe she's on AO3.

feeling sad



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