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Dreamwidth mirror communities and backups

Given the general air of uncertainty hanging over everyone at LJ at the moment, this seemed like it might be a good moment to check up on which communities have already been imported over to DreamWidth. List below covers all the communities I could find on DW (some of which may be queued for updated imports now, for all I know), but may not be the complete list. Additions and corrections welcome (and updates, if or when they occur).

Mirrored and imported in full:
mfu_canteen – On DW: mfu-canteen
section7mfu – On DW: section7mfu
mfu_map_room – On DW: mfu_map_room

Imported, but out of date:
mfu_scrapbook – On DW: prettyandbrunet, imported up to May 24, 2015
david_mccallum – On DW: david-mccallum, imported up to May 24, 2015
mfu_icons – On DW: mfu-icons, imported up to April 20, 2014
mfu_delflorias – On DW: mfu-delfloriass, imported up to April 13, 2014

A comm of the same name exists, but no entries from LJ imported:
muncle – On DW: muncle

No equivalent DW comm I can see:

Whether we're going to see a full exodus to DW or not, I feel that importing to DW as a backup is at least a sensible precaution. I'd hate to see the archives of comms like muncle and mfuwss lost, if it should come to that.

In case there's anyone here who's missed all the DreamWidth evangelists of the last few years, there are FAQ entries on importing both journals and communities. I've not done much on DW myself up to now, but a few other points that might be useful:

  1. The community or journal you're importing to doesn't have to have the same name as the old one on LJ, but you do need to be the owner of a journal to import it, or the owner or maintainer of a community (moderator privilege isn't enough).

  2. A journal or community can be imported more than once - which is to say if you've imported before, but have posted new content to LJ since your last import, running a new import should update it with just the new entries.

  3. There are a lot of people importing right now, so the queue is probably much longer than usual, and imports will probably take a while to finish.
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