St. Crispin's (st_crispins) wrote in mfu_canteen,
St. Crispin's

Writer's Guides

Years ---actually decades ---ago, I wrote a series of articles to help U.N.C.L.E. fan writers on canon, New York in the 1960s, Thrush, UNCLE personnel, etc. They first appeared in Lois Balzer's newsletter. Later they were shared over Channel W in Yahoogroups and then at the Writer's survival school here on LJ. They may even be in the archives of my own LJ as well.

If folks would like, I could re-post them here again. There are about half a dozen or so.

Let me know...

  • So, what do you notice first

    in this shot? I am struck by how weird Illya's arms look, almost fragile.

  • What's on your night stand?

    What book do you think didn't live up to its hype? What book do you feel has been neglected? What are you reading right now?

  • Just wondering

    If you could talk to any author one-on-one about a book, who would it be?

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