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Normal Lives

Sorry if this has been asked before. I was watching one of the early episodes of The Avengers and in it Steed gets clubbed in his own apartment by the bad guys. Next morning he is woken on the floor by his housekeeper who is very irritated to have to vaccuum around him. She scolds him for hosting wild parties that she has just finished cleaning up. Instead of explaining his place had been ransacked, he apologizes and asks her to feed the dog. Bachelor Steed has a housekeeper and a dog. Neither of which are aware of his job.
Which made me wonder. Obviously Steed has a housekeeper and dog to keep up appearances of a normal life, and perhaps to avoid the "settle down and get married" questions of neighbors. He must have a semi-normal life with friends, a butcher, a baker, a tailor, etc.
Do you suppose Napoleon and Illya have such a life?
I have seen it suggested they are insulated inside a world of UNCLE which takes care of all their needs but is it necessarily so? That seems like a LOT of resources to fund and a lot of personnel to keep track of. It seems unlikely. Your janitor knows who works in the office -do you house them as well? What about the janitor in the housing complex do they also get housing etc etc? I mean, it doesn't make sense to me. No one else functions that way.
And even so Napoleon would surely be on good terms with a few sweetshops around the city.
Plus when they travel the boys get normal rooms and are not housed inside UNCLE.
So, i guess my question is- Do you favor the idea that UNCLE agency is a world unto themselves or do you see them more as an employer and then the agents go home at night like The Avengers?
I am simply curious. Everyone is entitled to their own views on this!

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