Fiorenza_a (fiorenza_a) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Another LJ Heads Up

Hi, some of you will know natsuko1978
. A few hours ago natsuko1978 posted about a new problem with Lj. I've had a word with the comm mod and have permission to boost 'anywhere and to whoever'.

Basically the gist is this:
You might or might not have noticed, but in the past month or so many journals have been suspended without warning or notification by LJ. This appears to be because LJ implemented a new script to catch spambots, except this new script seems to potentially mark as spam any post containing links that go out of the site (to Mega, MediaFire, etc.) Once a journal has been marked as "spambot," it will be deleted without warning or notice.

This is a measured, sensible post (follow this link) and there is more information in the post itself and in the comments.

Apparently, people who contacted LJ support after getting their accounts suspended either had it reinstated after a while with just a vague "we thought you were a bot" reply or didn't get any reply at all and their account remains lost. So far it seems to be random who manages to regain their account and who doesn't.


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