bluemeanybeany (bluemeanybeany) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Meanies are fine....again.

There's stuff gone down on London Bridge, van hitting pedestrians and someone with a knife at Borough Market, no confirmation it's the planet's most favourite people - nutty Islamist fuckwits - yet but you'd have to assume it is, the police have arrested one man, but there may be more so if you're in London get somewhere according to procedure.

It is our train station (it's the area under the Shard) we use on a daily basis, but we're back up North for a family funeral. So to repeat we're totally okay.

Some of my friends are in the area, the police and emergency services were there in under 2 minutes, and again it very, very close to a major hospital, Guy's Hospital is like one block away so the injured will be getting looked after as best as possible. Its Saturday night so everyone on my friends feed appears to be drunk (the Champions League Final was on, which had just finished) Info I have from friends it's the Tapas bar and Southwark Tavern in Borough and that possibly there's three nutty Islamists. However all people in the area reporting are fairly drunk.

Update: there are possibly three men with knives (they do not appear to have guns) around South London. The police have possibly shot one attacker already. Assume there may still be terrorists on the loose.

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