sparky955 (sparky955) wrote in mfu_canteen,

The sleeves on this jacket are waaaaaay too long...

Linda White created an MFU universe called "Third Level". Her original characters were particularly vivid and wonderfully appealing. Avery Bates, a fellow Section Two and a friend of both of the boys, in a serious discussion about Section Two agents, asked the following. “Ain’t you ever read your psyche file? Them shrinks they make us talk to? They think we’re all nuts, and that’s based on the vanilla version of crap we shovel for their benefit. Personally, I think if they label somebody sane, Waverly moves him to a desk job. Not cut out for the field anymore.”

How did Section Two stay, relatively, sane? Knowing what excellent storytellers, okay, well, liars, the agents were, how would the Psych department monitor their mental stability?

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