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Let's Talk Episodes

The Vulcan Affair, Solo, To Trap a Spy - the first episode/pilot of MFU goes by many names, but it's essentially our first glimpse of a show that for many of us would change the rest of our lives. within the first few minutes, we are introduced to the world of UNCLE - Del Floria's, the changing booth, badges, and, of course, Napoleon and Illya.

The main crux of the episode involves THRUSH's (once the deadly WASP) attempt to assassinate the leaders of a newly independent African nation. UNCLE recruits its innocent out of her seemingly normal and happy life to use her as bait to entrap her former boyfriend, nearly lose her as THRUSH victim and then reunite her with her family, none the worse for wear. UNCLE is shown to be powerful, fairly well heeled, and extremely thorough. This was some of Sam Rolfe's best writing and the episode holds up very well.

Sadly, there isn't much Illya in it, except in the first scene:


There was more added for the movie, but sadly not much more. Tossing aside all that 'Illya was supposed to be cut' nonsense, the chemistry is there from the beginning, even if Illya was kept back a headquarters and not allowed out.

*credit to Lisa's Frame Cap library

What I liked about this episode - well, it was enough to hook me. I loved that UNCLE was so powerful and so committed to doing the right thing. I loved its attention to detail, like remembering gifts for the kids and hubby at the end of the episode. I loved the music, some of Jerry Goldsmith's best. The pacing was time and the story well written. I didn't even miss Illya - too much.

What I didn't liked about this episode - a lack of Illya, but at this point it was still the Man from UNCLE. Thankfully they fixed that.

Now it's your turn, cousins. What did you like or not like about this episode. Anything you would have done differently if you'd been in charge?

What say you?
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