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Episode of the Week

Episode: The Quadripartite Affair
Original airdate: October 6, 1964
Writer: Alan Caillou
Director: Richard Donner

Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin must stop Gervaise Ravel (Anne Francis) from using a gas that induces a state of fear and anxiety to create political havoc. Jill Ireland guest stars as Marion Raven. Also co-stars Richard Anderson and Roger C. Carmel.

Again pinched from Wikipedia

At least I remember the episode. How can you not with the image of Illya cowering, terrified out of his mind? This was the first time we really saw him in action - a part of the furniture, a part of the wall. With Jill Ireland as clinging Innocent, who wouldn't want to distance themselves?

What I liked - Roger C Carmel - he will always be Harry Mudd to me, but I still love him. He always seemed a safe character (when he was playing a good guy) and the penultimate bad guy (more on that later).

From Lisa's Video Frame Capture Library.

And Anne Frances. She was such a delightful bad girl and she loved her man, even if he didn't really believe it. She was smart and, oh, so capable. I wish UNCLE had had some UNCLE operatives with as much on the ball as some of the THRUSH folks did.

What I didn't like - Someone really needed to give Jill Ireland acting lessons.
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