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Episode of the Week


Episode: The Shark Affair"
Original airdate: October 13, 1964
Writer: Alvin Sapinsley
Director: Marc Daniels

While investigating a series of kidnappings, Solo and Kuryakin encounter Captain Shark (Robert Culp) who is creating a modern day Noah's Ark with the intention of repopulating the world in the event of a nuclear holocaust. Co-starring Sue Ane Langdon, Herbert Anderson, James Doohan and Meg Wyllie.

Again pinched from Wikipedia

What I loved about this episode - All of it. I loved Shark and his first officer's loyalty to him. I loved the start of Illya's bottomless stomach, his always running afoul of Elsa Barnman. It was such fun and yet it touches upon a very real fear of the time. What if there was a nuclear war? Who would survive and who should survive? Is it a question one man can or even should ask? Shark thought so. What started out as a noble cause sadly ended up in insanity. Still, it was a heckuva ride.

What say you, cousins?
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