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It just goes to show

Even after being involved with the show for as long as I have, there are still things I don't know.

This came from the Decades page - 11 To Secret Facts about MFU -

Reuben Klamer invented the classic Milton Bradley board game The Game of Life — you know, the one with little pink and blue pegs cruising around in a tiny convertible. He went from designing little wheels of fortune to deadly weaponry. Klamer designed "The Gun," Solo's nifty semi-automatic piece that could transform from a pistol into a rifle. Naturally, a toy version was sold.

Without going to the page,

Can you name the only episode that did not follow the standard "The_____________ Affair format?

Do you know what inspired the character Illya?

Did you know April Dancer's original name?

If you do and didn't cheat, you are a better agent than me because I didn't know these.
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