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episode of the week

Episode - The Green Opal
Director John Peyser
Writer Robert E. Thompson
Show date October 27, 1963

Solo attempts to rescue a group of people kidnapped and brainwashed by THRUSH. Stars Carroll O'Connor, Joan O'Brien, Nachi Nozawa and Milton Selzer.*


What I liked about this episode. I loved that Napoleon actually went 'undercover' and in disguise. Granted it wasn't a great disguise and Walter Brach(Carroll O'Conner) saw through it pretty quickly, but Napoleon running around in a tee shirt. Sigh... we didn't get to see that very often. The story wasn't bad, although not the best that Season One had to offer.

What I didn't like - not half enough Illya, but that's just me.

So what say you, cousins?


** Lisa's Video Freeze Capture
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