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Villain of the week

Or Villains in this case, I give you - Miss Diketon (Janet Leigh), Loius Strago (Jack Palance )

Let's be real, Strago wasn't exactly a lady killer in the broad sense of the word and Miss Diketon was a killer in every sense, well, maybe not kill, but certainly willing to hurt.

We actually got to see Illya being tortured with a cattle prod, nearly drowned and smashed up in a car accident. Napoleon didn't fare much better, as he was accused to besmirching a young lady's honor - when the young lady has mod ties, that ain't good. This two parter pretty much hit all the right buttons for most viewers, although it was starting to

And we finally get to see Illya in a THRUSH uniform, rescuing his partner just before the 'I do's'.

Images are from Lisa Frame Cap Library
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