Fiorenza_a (fiorenza_a) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Life's a Bit of a Beggar...

Mid-way through December I went down with this winter bug. I'm loath to call it 'flu because I'm aware people have been hospitalised or worse and, although I was poorly, I wasn't that ill.

I managed to enjoy a bit of Christmas cheer and I'm back at work, but I'm still snuffly and my impoverished energy levels have not exactly been helped by the lack of oxygen. So when I'm not at work, I'm pretty much zonked.

The good news is that I am enjoying my job, the bad news is that I have been an inadequate Lj playmate.

I wanted to say thank you to all the lovely people who have been posting Illya and Napoleon, and the lads from CI5. Special shout out to ali15son in this regard, her sterling work should definitely be on the NHS, better than cod liver oil (I'm not sure what Bodie's position would be on that one, but Cowley would definitely approve) - and I have been trying to follow everyone's posts about real life too - and here I would like to pay tribute to moth2fic's poignant and illuminating posts about Portugal.

So this is by way of an apology, because I know I won't catch everyone I owe a reply to because Lj ate my list of entries and comments, and I can't remember who said what where.

So, if you suddenly get a random reply, it's because I've stumbled across a dangling comment somewhere.

In the meantime, I hope everyone else is safe and well - and, for what it's worth, I entirely support merentha13's revival of the 'Obbo', weekly or otherwise, and, because I'm not currently up to much else, I offer - free of charge and all copyright - 'cod liver oil' as a prompt, to be deployed at her discretion.

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