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Villain of the week

How about a three-fer from Hula Doll Affair. Meet Simon Sweet (Jan Murray ), Mama Sweet(Patsy Kelly), Peter Sweet (Pat Harrington).

Bill Koenig's summary is: Thrush steals a powerful UNCLE-developed explosive hidden in a hula doll. The explosive will detonate if heated to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This is bad news because New York is in the midst of a heat wave. Solo and Kuryakin must also contend with a pair of brothers, each vying for power within a New York Thrush operation.

It is a hot time all the way around as these two brother fight tooth and nail to get more power. Sadly, they have to contend with the big boss, their mother.

Some of the highlights is that we get to see Napoleon as a walking talking THRUSH agent

We get to see Illya trying to get lucky with a fellow scientist.

And best of all, Del Floria's gets a well deserved face lift! :D

All shots come from Lisa Frame cap library
Tags: villain of the week

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