bonniejean1953 (bonniejean1953) wrote in mfu_canteen,

11 things about me.

1.  I am very loyal. 
2.  In my younger days I was an adrenalin junkie.  (Read: skydiving, scuba, spelunking, climbing, firefighting)
3.  I am relatively fearless.  (After almost 40 years in psychiatry, you've seen most everything!)
4.  I truly hate clowns and dolls,., they are both freaky.
5.  I love bears and dogs, and I have yet to meet one that didn't love me  back.  *I have met a few bears, yes.)
6.  I love the snow. 
7.  I don't do well in the heat or sun. 
8.  My favorite color is black.
9.  I love a good single malt scotch.  (Right now my favorites are Oban Little Bay and McCallan's 18 year old.)
10. My favorite music is fifties and sixties folk music, second is bagpipes!
11. My favorite holiday is Labor Day- our local Scottish Games meets on Labor Day Weekend and I've been attending it for almost thirty years now.  

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