sparky955 (sparky955) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Canteen Party !! (and Spikesgirl_58 is fine)

Got a quick call from Spikesgirl58 from Cell Phone Hill at the bunkhouse. Aside from the lack of air quality and the inability to see the mountains due to the smoke, they all are safe and enjoying themselves. I asked; since the bunkhouse is in a US national park, there are rangers on duty who would come up to inform them if a fire was getting close. celebrate and just because we haven’t let go in The Canteen for a while...

Let’s PARTY!

Security has been paid off, the cameras have been turned off and Mrs Waverly put a little something extra in Mr Waverly’s pipe tobacco...and thus, we shall commence.

Oh, Illya made these. Not quite sure what makes them glow, but he sent liability waver forms with them. And, the other ones he said made him think of Angelique.

The usual party disclaimer applies. If in doubt, have Illya eat or drink it first.

Tags: canteen party, hi from spikesgirl

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