sparky955 (sparky955) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Mission Site W Operational Orders

From Section Two to All Sections:

1. The use of the following substances is forbidden at mission site W:
a. red dye 409
b. radioactive isotopes
c. ANYTHING from Agent Kuryakin’s lab. Or locker.

2. Jello and or pudding wrestling will be held outside without exception.

3. He/she who imbibes to excess will clean up their own messes...and send a hand-written
apology with one dozen long stemmed roses to our hostess.

4. He/she who imbibes to excess and causes a mess will also be posted to our Arctic Circle headquarters for six weeks.

5. Shoes are to be taken off before entering the house. Any other clothing removal will be at the discretion of each agent.
Tags: mission site w, operational orders, party
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