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Do Something for David Poll

Aug. 30th, 2018
Young Fans

The Do Something for David Project Poll
There has been discussion about doing something to show David McCallum our appreciation for his work and all the pleasure he has brought to us. This is not limited to only his role in Man from UNCLE. Sapphire and Steel, Colditz, Invisible Man, his many movies, everything you have seen and enjoyed are meant to be part of this tribute. The intention is to include as many fans and as much of his work as possible. There have been a lot of good ideas offered and it is time to start focusing our efforts in one direction.

This is being cross-posted to other sites, but please reply to this poll here in Del Florias.

Poll #2084614 Which of these ideas do you support?
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All. Participants: 0

Which of these would you support?
a donation to one or more of his favorite charities
a professionally printed book of G-rated fan fiction from a variety of fandoms
a uniquely designed medal or coin
a mass mailing of fan mail on one date


Tags: do something for david project, poll
Tags: #2084614, do something for david

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