Christine (neuralclone) wrote in mfu_canteen,

"A Boy In Kiev" ... Some pictures of Illya's childhood home

As we all know, Illya grew up in Kiev. I found some pictures of the city before the war in a couple of old travel books. So, for anybody who is interested, here are some snaps of his home town:

These three are from "Mirrors of Moscow" by H.J. Greenwall, published in 1929.

And here we have plates from "From Baltic to Black Sea" by Archibald Forman, published in 1932.

If we take Illya as being the same age as David, these pictures are a bit early... but still fascinating. If anybody is inspired to write an "Illya's childhood" fic, please feel free to use them as references!
Tags: illya kuryakin, kiev

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