moonymages (moonymages) wrote in mfu_canteen,

hello i have need of Knowledge(tm)

hello i am new to this community!! *waves* I was actually hoping someone could help me out with some Niche Russia Info for fic purposes 👀👀👀 I've been doing a little research on my own but a lot of it is super dry and hard to parse, so if anyone has any recommendations I would really appreciate it!!

Basically I'm looking for a lot of the Cold War Russia cultural stuff - society behind the iron curtain, how they trained their KGB agents, what type of authority they had, etc. I'd also be interested in stuff like how people through Europe and the US viewed the Soviets/USSR, the differences between America and Russia's cultures during this time period, their military's/agents' preferred weapons.....

Basically anything you could give me would be greatly appreciated 😂🙏 please and thank you!!!!
Tags: fic, help!, illya kuryakin, misc, political theme, u.s.s.r.

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