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MFU Episode Scramble Game 1  (of 4)

Unscramble these MFU episode titles!

Episodes are from all four seasons.
The words 'The' and 'Affair' from the beginning and end of the titles are not included.
Spaces between words in the title are omitted, then all letters in the title are scrambled together!

Example: bwwoow = Bow Wow

I'm having a hard time figuring them out myself, and I made the puzzle! Bwahahaha....

The answer key is below the cut.  How many did you get without peeking? 
I'll post three more games in the days to come.  Have fun!

1)  lanucv                                    
2)  aeinscrrgogtmei
3)  rnigfimllrtaeyohde
4)  emza 
5)  ntieahsdresbbde
6)  getmlelrskeitao
7)  admond
8)  rnmfoahumhtsr
9)  soluoepalscrs
10) oajrsfjdu
11) aetavcb
12) ftuebr
13) ovebprmrinioyatmzet
14) itettmbaeascooewmchhh
15) levo 
16) taotmtcrleieupum
17) adainnfiisfra
18) eotduuofaessloyfrrlidftord
19) woeerlsnhwosfoervdtdne
20) bwwoow
21) nmiwohnare
22) urtvei
23) ohtr 
24) doeyydealdc
25) mtaepdtdaaamry

MFU Episode Scramble 1  Answer Key

1)  lanucv = Vulcan                                           
2)  aeinscrrgogtmei = Tigers Are Coming
3)  rnigfimllrtaeyohde = My Friend the Gorilla
4)  emza = Maze
5)  ntieahsdresbbde = Birds and the Bees
6)  getmlelrskeitao = It’s All Greek to Me
7)  admond = Odd Man
8)  rnmfoahumhtsr = Man from THRUSH
9)  soluoepalscrs = Super-Colossal
10) oajrsfjdu = J for Judas
11) aetavcb = Bat Cave
12) ftuebr = Terbuf
13) ovebprmrinioyatmzet = Very Important Zombie
14) itettmbaeascooewmchhh = Come with Me to the Casbah
15) levo = Love
16) taotmtcrleieupum = Ultimate Computer
17) adainnfiisfra = Indian Affairs
18) eotduuofaessloyfrrlidftord = Sort-of-Do-It-Yourself-Dreadful
19) woeerlsnhwosfoervdtdne = Seven Wonders of the World
20) bwwoow = Bow Wow
21) nmiwohnare = When in Roma
22) urtvei = Virtue
23) ohtr = Thor
24) doeyydealdc = Deadly Decoy
25) mtaepdtdaaamry = Mad Mad Tea Party
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