Sutherwinds (sutherwinds2) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Halloween is not an official celebration in my country. In fact, the stores skip Halloween and start selling Christmas stuff since September. That's really annoying. However, you can find parties, and haunted houses in theme parks and malls. So, it's a messy celebration. I know that some people see this day as a cultural invasion and fight against it. We have an official Day of Masquerade since 2011 as an effort to incorporate some Costa Rican traditions.
I do my part with Halloween because this is my favorite time. This year, I decorated the main door, with the only mask I found at Wallmart. This is a Catrina, so I can keep her there after the Day of the Dead.
No trick or treating tough, but I intent to get some candy and chocolate for me and my sister.

Tags: halloween fun, halloween party 2019

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