hypatia_66 wrote in mfu_canteen

The Eighth Circle of Hell is the destiny of corrupt politicians (Dante's Inferno)

We in the UK have our own brand of lying, corrupt politicians, but they have nothing on those in the US. 

I've been watching with fascination the House Intelligence Committee hearings, every last minute of them, this last week, and it seems that, having more power, certain US politicians lie and practise misconduct in a public office on a grand scale.

As a matter of interest: would a fictional organisation like UNCLE be able to exist in this climate?

There is a special circle of hell for corrupt politicians and all the hypocrites associated with and supporting them. Not many of us have probably read Dante's Inferno so if you want to know what awaits them, this is a description of the Eighth Circle (courtesy of the University of Texas). 



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