jantojones (jantojones) wrote in mfu_canteen,

The Fifteen-Years-Later Affair

Yesterday I discovered that someone has uploaded the Fifteen-Years-Later Affair to YouTube. I hadn't seen it and had been toying with the idea of maybe buying the DVD. However, I was put off a little by all the negative reviews of it.

I've just finished watching it and, honestly, it isn't that bad. Admittedly it didn't hold the magic of the original series, but it was still watchable. The banter between Napoleon and Illya (in what little screen time they shared) was right, and the story was perfectly fine.

I think I will buy the DVD because, even though it wasn't brilliant, I will watch it again (which is more than I can say about a certain Gorilla episode).

For anyone else who wants to see it, you can find it by clicking the link.


It's been up for two months, but it will probably get taken down at some point.

Tags: fifteen years later affair, jantojones, return movie, you tube

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